Here is the man of the hour.

In real life, I am Jonathan Fosburgh, a UNIX Administrator at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Previously, I was a geophysics student at the University of Houston. Why the switch from Geophysics? Well, basically, the people who run oil companies today, accountants and lawyers, don't understand that, if you want to have experienced geoscientists you do not lay them off before they even get into their careers. So, like many fellow geoscientists, I was driven out of the industry during the recent (1998-2000) downturn. I have taken my alternative skills, UNIX Administration, and have moved on.

In addition to my experience with AIX (now primary), Solaris, and SCO (very very little), I also use FreeBSD. I learned UNIX on Digital UNIX (Now Compaq Tru64). I hold certifications (yeah, I know they're worthless) in General UNIX Administration and UNIX Administration: AIX from Brainbench and I am also an IBM Certified Technical Specialist: AIX Systems Administration.

I currently reside in Houston, TX. Despite what you may have heard in the recent elections, it is a wonderful place to live.

Switching gears now somewhat, it is high time that I placed some links to my friends on here. So, without further ado, to start off this list is my wonderful WIFE!, Heather. See? I did it. :)

You can also look at My computer which may or may not be available. There is not much here at this time.


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