This is my page about Heather, and about us. :)

Heather and I first met online at LambdaMOO in late August or early September 1997. We first met IRL in October 1997. Over the last year we have become quite close. Although I go to school in Houston and she lives in Dallas, I am from Dallas, so we got to see a lot of each other over the Christmas and Summer breaks, plus she comes to visit me here in Houston on occassion. Although there are many people out there who think that internet relationships are dangerous and always come to a bad end (a misconception that is sadly given loud voice by ignorant or even maliscious members of the media), Heather and I, along with quite a few others, I might add, are living proof that it is more than possible to find good, solid, meaningful relationships, that it is possible to find true love, online.

I love you, Heather.

Oh by the way, she is the woman in the banner on my homepage. :)


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