Welcome to the German Section.

My interest in Germany and German things in general dates back to around 1989 or so, when I first discovered the music of Richard Wagner (whom you can find out more about at my music page.)While in High School I took four years of German, largely so that I might be better able to understand his operas. My interest in German culture extends beyond Wagner, and German music as well. Although I do not hold that one's identity comes from one's background or ethnicity, I do, nevertheless, take an interest in my German heritage. I read, when I am able to, German poetry (in the original German if available) and I attempt to read German books and plays, though I read those in English, as my skills in translation are not that good, altough I do like to have bilingual editions.

I am also quite interested in Germanic mythology (again, thanks to Wagner), this is the religion that gave us Odin, Thor, etc. I find this the most intriguiging of all the mythologies I have encountered. It is full of the darkness of and mystery of Northern Europe, and has provided a great influence on Western Literature (in addition to the rich legacy of the myths themselves.)

So, since you are here, try out this place, some German links.

For some original German humour, please check into Max und Moritz.

To look into something deeper, and especially for fans of the Nordic myths, please look at The Germanic Heritage Page.

And for even more, here is a link to The Norse Mythology Web Page.



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